20 April 2011

What’s in a Name?

When I started writing this blog I made the decision to not use my children’s names. I feel like when it is time for their names to be plastered all over the internet, they can make that decision themselves. It also affords us some amount of anonymity.  Not that I think people who do use their child’s real names are doing anything wrong in any way. I think it’s about comfort level, I’m more comfortable with a little safe distance honestly.

Now I am getting a little tired of writing “my son” and “my daughter”, it also feels too formal for me. So I have decided to start calling them by their nicknames. My daughter’s nickname is too close to her real name so I’ll use one of her in-utero nicknames “Littlest Bean”, and one of my son’s nicknames, which emerged because of his intense need for love and affection, is “Cuddles” (I AM NOT INTENSE – a quote from a then 2 year old Cuddles).

So I hope you won’t mind, but they will be going as Littlest Bean and Cuddles from now on, a little sugary sweet I know, but that’s the nature of little nicknames you give your kids.

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