18 April 2011

Ode to Trader Joe's

First let me assure you that I do not work for Trader Joe's, I am not being paid by them,  I am purely a loyal fan...

Oh my god I just love Trader Joe's so much. I love the way all their packaging looks so wholesome and old fashioned. I love that I can buy organic apple juice instead of regular for only 20c more. I love that they hide a monkey in the store so the kids have something to look for while we shop.

They give out free coffee at this shop that you can sip as you go round. They have bread that isn’t sweetened with genetically modified corn syrup for under $3. Their frozen curry meals taste like they were flash frozen in a British curry house (this is a good thing), tastier than any I’ve had in a restaurant over here so far. Their pizzas also taste like they were from a restaurant and they sell drinkable wine for under $3.

Their fish fingers (fish sticks) are proper fish and not full of salt, if you must buy candy for the kids, or yourself, they sell jelly beans with no artificial colors or flavors!

Holy Crap I hear you exclaim, well that’s not all. The staff all seem happy to be there and pleased to see you. They give free stickers and balloons to the kids and free treats to those who have spotted the hidden monkey. You can also grind your own coffee so it always smells great in there.

And at the end of my shop, without fail, my bill is always lower than when I shop in our regular supermarket, taking into consideration the special offers and coupons you can use at the regular shop, aka Ralphs.

Did I mention their range of natural, easy on the eye and extremely affordable toiletries? Or their lavender tumble dryer sachets?

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