03 April 2011

Four Go Bananas in Orange County

Today we had a long overdue family fun day. We made our now annual pilgrimage to Balboa Island in Orange County for frozen bananas.

Sunday morning things were not looking good, I had my first migraine in ages and a mountain of washing to fold. I luckily managed to get rid of most of the headache with meds but was left with a slurry tongue and an inability to deal with any stress. I asked my husband to plan a trip so we could get some fresh air, I didn’t want to do any thinking.

As soon as we were on our way we all felt in a much better mood. We came off the freeway for lunch at a diner. The waiter had A LOT of trouble understanding what I was saying, which almost never happens to me anymore. My theory on this is that they encounter less British customers down in Orange County,  but I could be wrong. Brits are ten a penny where we live. Anyway, I thought I’d treat myself to a side of seasoned fries with my soup but got fruit. Maybe the guy was just trying to do me a favor, so I ate the fruit.

Once we had wiped the kids’ lunch off their faces, clothes, hands, hair and seats we carried on to Balboa. We brought the kids’ Kickboard scooters along. These scooters are so awesome, and no one is paying me to say this. We resisted buying them for so long and finally after having no luck getting them excited about the scooters we had, and then one of the scooter’s repeatedly throwing the kids off it we tried out a friend’s. It wasn’t long till we bought the new scooters for each of them. Within a week it was like they had been born on them. I am just under the weight limit for my daughter’s  larger Kickboard so I got to try it out and it is so cool. The kids scooted around the boardwalk for a bit, we went up and down the pier and looked at all the people fishing and what they had caught. My son got particularly excited when we reached the end of the pier with that beautiful uninterrupted view out to sea when he noticed a table that had a ketchup bottle on it, “OH!! Ketchup! Look, Ketchup”. His new thing is to yell “OH” extremely loud whenever he sees something interesting or that he likes.

After riding around the park for a while we went for a walk around the other boardwalk on the opposite side of the island, the kids looked at all the photos of whales and big fish outside the fishing rental places and then we went and got our frozen bananas from the regular place. My son managed to eat almost all the chocolate and sprinkles off his banana whilst entirely avoiding eating any banana. He does like bananas, but he has his priorities.

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