16 April 2011

My Hairy Obsession

I’ve always secretly wanted to be a hairdresser. I find it fascinating to sit in the chair at the hairdresser’s and watch what they are doing. I would actually rather they didn’t talk to me too much and just let me gaze at them in awe while their hands flit this way and that and I listen to the glorious snipping. I know some of you are probably wondering when exactly I claim to have had my hair cut but it does happen occasionally.

When I was a little girl my Cindy dolls, Tiny Tears doll (who actually peed!) and my delightful curly-haired horse-rider doll all fell foul to my enthusiasm for hair styling.  I would just give their hair a little trim here and there, maybe put a little felt tip pen decoration to add some extra interest to the look. Dolls’ hair obviously doesn’t grow so inevitably they all ended up totally bald. My poor little horse-rider doll with her pretty pink lips, jodhpurs, smart navy blue jacket and completely bald head. She used to have hair like my daughter, beautiful sandy and curly, then she had none, it was quite sad, although I don’t remember being particularly upset.

In the early days of my relationship with my husband he would occasionally let me cut his hair, which I enjoyed immensely. I remember once after I shaved all his hair off for a university ball getting the message through him, from his mum, to leave it alone (love you MIL).

Now that I have my children, they could potentially be in the same sorry state as my dolls, but thankfully I have learnt a little more self-control and obviously their hair grows. Plus I will never forget the lessons learnt from all my bald little dollies, bless their empty plastic body cavities. My daughter’s hair has hardly even been touched. She only had about an inch of hair by her second birthday, if that, so at five and a half, it’s still growing long. We trim it very occasionally as the beautiful curls start to tangle if we don’t and I recently had to cut her a fringe (bangs) with the specific purpose of making her look just like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. My husband and I have been asked to only address her as Hermione. She gets really annoyed with us when we forget.

I think my son looks his most delicious when his hair is nice and short and messed up. Unfortunately he absolutely hates having his hair cut. He will scream, cry and tremble during and after a haircut and he seems to be more than usually sensitive to the prickly hair that falls off leaving him with an angry rash. If his hair gets long it is very thick and I swear he gets hotter, plus his head eventually seems to start looking a bit big. The pattern is generally to cut his hair really short and then let it grow till it’s practically in his eyes. The way his hair grows in the back means he always looks like he has a rats tail unless the hair is very short, I have actually been asked if it’s deliberate, that’s how convincing it can be.

In the past, because he is so scared and so freaked out by having his hair cut, I took him to a hairdresser figuring that at least they would be able to cut quickly so the ordeal would be over. But all the hairdresser managed to do was nip him on the ear and give him a bald spot. He didn’t charge us. I’ve been told lots of times to go to one of these children’s hairdressers where they get to sit in racecars and watch TV but honestly, he just freaks out too much for me to be comfortable getting his hair cut in public. I do let him watch movies and feed him pieces of candy while he’s having his hair cut. I’ll pretty much do anything for him if he will let me cut his hair.

Today I just couldn’t stand his hair a day longer, it was falling dead straight, plastered over his forehead, just starting to poke into his eyes. So after some protest I managed to convince him to sit on his chair watching a movie while I cut it for him. It went better than expected and much better than usual.  I agreed to not use the clippers at all as he finds them very frightening, I gave him a big old make up brush so he could be in control of brushing hair off wherever it was bothering him and we used a water spray so the hair clumped together more. The spray ended up being a very useful tool for calming him down when he started to become frantic. I would spray it over him and he felt like it was calming his skin.

Now he looks extremely cute and very handsome and I am delighted with the result. There is the odd spot where it is a little too short or where I missed a bit but overall there is a vast improvement. I really hope his hair won’t grow too quickly.

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