24 April 2011

Moving House, The Trilogy - The Beginning

Mon April 18th
Went to see a house yesterday, fell in love with it. It was beautiful and clean and ticked all the boxes on our list plus being in the right place. Once we saw it we had to go home in two cars as I had been at a party with the kids and my husband had met us there for the viewing. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could find out what he thought. We both decided we wanted to go for it and were aware the house had been shown to at least four other people. I waited a couple of hours just to play it cool (ha ha) and then called the landlady. She was really pleased to hear from me and had already had 2 other offers that afternoon but was hoping we would call as she wanted it to go to us. Result!

So last night I filled out the application, we emailed it to them today and in the morning I will drop off a holding deposit.

It feels like it all happened so quickly that I’m rather overwhelmed. But today I am more excited than yesterday. The thought of having a washer and dryer in my house and a garden makes me giddy. It will be quite life changing! And being closer to work and school will severely cut down on our driving.

Much as I am excited about the prospect of our kids having their own bedrooms instead of sharing, it makes me a little sad too. Our daughter can’t wait, she is 5 and a half and so ready for her own space. But our 3 year old boy is not as excited about being away from her and I think he will miss her. I hope we can find a way to help him to transition. And I desperately hope it won’t adversely affect their relationship. I feel like the extra space may make our daughter more tolerant with her little brother, we’ll see. They are like little puppies right now, they do everything together even though they argue. If we are lucky they will just appreciate their time together more.

Tuesday April 19th
I was supposed to drop off the holding deposit for the house this morning, I was supposed to do a lot of things this morning. At 6.20 am I was abruptly woken by my son screaming “I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING IN THE BATHROOM”. I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom in a haze just a second too late as he threw up copiously all over the carpet and himself. It would appear he has some sort of virus. He had 4 episodes of illness this morning and now it is evening he has a pink rash on his body. I have looked it up and it doesn’t seem to match anything serious or doctor-worthy so we’re keeping an eye on him. Anyway, G (my husband) dropped the check off down town with our new landlady and signed an agreement with her and it looks like it’s ours. Very exciting! Now we are debating when to move as we have an overlap between the new and old properties. Do we go for soon because that’s more exciting or bide our time and take it steady…boring. It’s obvious what I would do but that’s my juvenile side and it’s not just my decision.

Wednesday April 20th
Last night G sorted out all our utilities for the new house so we’ll be all connected by move in day. This morning I emailed the landlord to find out what day we can move in. I was up last night with Cuddles (my youngest). He’s feeling better but is a little dehydrated so needed something to drink. When I tried to go back to sleep I had a touch of anxiety. I feel good about the house move during the day but in the wee hours when I’m half asleep it seems to have happened so suddenly and I start to panic about all the things that could go wrong.

This morning G asked the kids to draw pictures of how they wanted their new “surprise bedrooms” to look. They both enthusiastically completed the assignment. Cuddles was the first to bring his to show us. Here it is:

Apparently it’s a picture showing a spatula underneath his surprise bedroom and some wonderpants. Ok then. In Littlest Bean’s picture she drew herself in bed wearing an eye mask getting breakfast delivered to her by room service!

Cuddles just finished eating his breakfast and is now COVERED in a pink rash. This is alarming. He doesn’t feel sick though. Now I am waiting for the doctor’s office to open.

Thursday April 21st
Awoke to the sound of the kids arguing and my son calling his sister “wrongy pants”. I do love how tame their insults are, for now. I took the kids to the beach to get away from the house for a while and to meet some friends. I was hoping it would help Cuddles’ rash but it didn’t. He ended up feeling quite poorley and slept all the way home in the car. When we got home I got to packing a lot of stuff from the living and dining room. I feel like the more I pack, the more overwhelmed I feel at the thought of how much more there is to do. I do hope we have enough time. Of course the most overwhelming times are when the kids “help me to pack”. That’s a panic attack waiting to happen.

Friday April 22nd
I got an early start to packing today. The kids were a little demanding and really didn’t want to play. They are desperate to help me, I give them the odd job but I find it very hard to surrender myself to their mayhem when we have so little time to get ready for the move.  After a long slog, with my tummy swollen, it is recovering from surgery, and my wrist in a support I decided that the kids really deserved a treat after having such a boring morning. We went to a local self-serve frozen yogurt place. It’s great fun for the kids, they feel very grown-up and powerful choosing everything and helping themselves. Unfortunately no matter how careful I am to remind them to just take a tiny amount of each of their chosen flavors, it always adds up to way too much.  Later this afternoon Cuddles’ rash came back out of the blue and by bedtime he was feeling quite ill again. Now I am listening to him cough in his bedroom, I’ve tried all sorts of things to help him but nothing seems to help. I did manage to get the majority of the kids room packed up today but my body is suffering. In the morning we are due at the new house to pay our deposit and pick up the keys. We’re supposed to be going on an Easter egg hunt after the meeting but I’m not sure if my baby will be up to it. G seems to have the same virus as Cuddles, I had to make an emergency appointment for him at the doctor’s today as he was having trouble with his breathing. Now he’s on three different medicines.

Saturday April 23rd
Was awake at 6am this morning as my body is now conditioned to the coughing beginning at this time, it actually didn’t start till 6.30. When we were all ready we went to meet our new landlord at the house to sign some stuff and pay our deposit. Then we got to have another look around. We’re very excited, it’s bigger than we both remembered. The kids were a bit of a challenge as they were so excited. After about 5 minutes of being there, I trod in some dog poo in the neighbor’s garden, ugh, I was really upset about it, I HATE that. We went for a quick playdate at a friend’s house and then spent the rest of the afternoon packing. We have made quite a lot of progress. I overdid it again, I always do, my wrist is hurting a lot and now my tummy is sore and very swollen. It’s frustrating as I know it will probably be worse tomorrow.

Easter Sunday
Unfortunately I started the day exhausted again. G and Cuddles were coughing till late, I was up at 4 with Cuddles and then couldn’t get back to sleep till about 6, then the kids woke up at 7. I am a zombie. We had a low-key Easter celebration, we got the kids a big chocolate egg each with candies inside and did an Easter egg hunt. Today was G’s last day at home before we move on Friday so it was mainly spent packing. We watched Tangled with the kids, which we all enjoyed. I made a start on what for me is the most daunting task, the kitchen. I didn’t do too badly, I’m probably about half way. I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed when I think about only having four days left. I am trying to keep my tunnel vision and just work on one box at a time, I refuse to completely focus on how much there is left to do. G took out loads of trash and moved the boxes around so that we still have some nice living space. We now have 42 boxes and 9 bags packed! I am packing very carefully and methodically, unfortunately we were burned last time we moved by dishonest movers who took advantage of the fact that I was managing without G, who was working, with a 2 week old baby who had been out of the NICU for 2 days and a 2 year old. I had my mum and brother with me to help out but nobody to notice that the movers stole a load of our stuff. We didn’t even notice till a full year later when we moved again as I was the one who unpacked. I never noticed the missing Bose headphones or that all our CD cases were empty. I will NEVER be packed again, I pledge to always do it myself. The piece de resistance is when they charged me twice the quote. I refuse to feel like a mug, I was 2 weeks post partum with 2 kids to look after one who had just been very ill, they just saw a great opportunity to take advantage and did so.

I think perhaps I need to start making a plan for the final push so that everything gets done. Littlest Bean was crying at bedtime that she never gets any attention which has absolutely broken my heart, so I told her we could have the morning off tomorrow and we’d go to the park or something. I am struggling with huge guilt over how much they are having to amuse themselves. 

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