♥ This is who I am

If I eat something really sweet, I HAVE to eat something salty afterwards. I eat a piece of chocolate, I eat a chip. I try not to eat too much of either of these things but it happens.

I once fell asleep with my arm wrapped around the back of my head, woke up in the night, looked to my left and saw a hand lying on my shoulder. My arm was completely dead. As I looked in horror at the hand sitting on my shoulder it full on SLAPPED me in the face, ARGHHHHH. I grabbed it, pulled it round the front of me and it was only through shaking it I realized it was MY hand. Luckily this was before I was married. My husband is already convinced I am nuts.

When I am feeling down or tired, I constantly battle with what I think are OCD tendencies. Things like not putting my daughter's place mat upside down on the drainer in case something bad happens to her. Luckily I have got better at chilling out and controlling it as I get older. When I was a kid I would retrace my steps when I entered a room so that I didn't walk in a circle, if i hurt my leg, i would deliberately bash myself in the other leg and if someone said something and I didn't hear them I would be driven insane if they wouldn't repeat themselves, the thought of not knowing was really upsetting to me. I am over that last one thank God as I think it's a bit of an irritating personality trait.

At heart I am a dancer, i was always prancing around as a kid and I even have a bachelors degree in it. My body yearns to dance again, I am recovering from abdominal surgery so I still need to wait a little longer. I haven't danced since I had my babies.

I am (not so) secretly a big kid myself. I am always getting myself in trouble by laughing when the kids do something rude and by getting them all riled up and not being able to calm them down again. I was the one who came up with the whole "dry your body, dry dry your body" phenomenon that takes place after bath time, two naked kids running out of control around the house screaming, and now it bites me in the butt when I'm tired and it's bedtime. I love nothing better than successfully "getting one over" on my big brother, still. If you think of any clever tricks I can play on him please comment below. E, if you are reading this, look away. The kids are too little to trick yet, it wouldn't be fair. I once convinced my mum (though she denies it don't you mum) that a dormouse got it's name because it lives in an apple where it cuts a little door out of the apple skin and hides inside with the door shut so nobody knows it's in there.

As a child I was fully in touch with nature. I made mazes for woodlice out of Lego, i had snail races and let the snails slide on my hand. I would pick spiders up, I once got thrown off a horse three times on one hack and landed on my head every time (telling?) and just got back on again. I also dislocated my thumb, got bitten on the stomach and nearly broke my toe whilst riding and just carried on as if nothing had happened (except with the dislocated thumb I had to smash it back in with my other hand first). I am troubled by the fact that as a grown up, I have become scared of wasps (very) and spiders (well we have black widows here you know) and I am now grossed out by snail slime and just generally I REALLY mind when I hurt myself. If I got thrown off a horse today and landed on my head I'd probably be complaining about it for the next 6 months.

I have never broken a bone, see above, evidently I am bouncy.

I love GOOD nonsense poetry, I love reading it, I love writing it. I still have about 10 memorized from childhood gathering dust up there. Maybe if I was more street I could be a rapper.

I am not street.

I may be scared and creeped out by silly creepy crawly stuff these days (like ticks ugh) BUT I am very PROUD of the fact that I am a strong woman. I really identify with this. I have been through some relatively rough stuff as a child and an adult and now I like to reap the benefits of this. You can throw anything at me, i can take it. If you are dealing with something heavy, I would LOVE to help you with it. I thrive on helping others with problems. What I have learned as I have grown older (all 32 years of me) is that we are bloody resilient. We may not feel like it but we are.

I have a pretty clean and tidy house most of the time but it is a constant struggle. I am not a naturally tidy person so I have to work very hard at it. I can see that my daughter is following in my footsteps and am desperate to find a way to help her so she won't have to struggle. Unfortunately I think it might be nature rather than nurture. Although I am not naturally tidy, I get very upset when I am surrounded by mess, I don't feel at peace unless my surroundings are in order.

At school I was always the one who got up to cheeky stuff but never got in trouble. I was a pretty wild teenager but got it out of my system early...pretty much.