17 May 2011


I'd like to apologize for all the changes in the look of this blog. I just discovered the joys of tampering with it and until such time as I am over it, this may continue. I promise I'll settle down to one look once the perfectionist in me is satisfied.

I don't want to give you sensory overload with all the new colors and fonts and places to find the different things on the blog. If this begins to happen to you here is a picture to illustrate how you can help prevent the overload from occurring. This is me on my 32nd birthday off to a mystery destination for the weekend. It was very sunny and the kids were whining and we were on the freeway, I was just on the brink of a migraine. Being my birthday my husband gave me the noise canceling headphones and I popped my shades on, listened to some tunes and revelled in my ignorance of what was going on behind and around me.

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