14 May 2011

Help! They're All Losing It!

They’ve all gone mad. OK we’re all a little tired and under the weather but within the space of about 60 seconds my family has erupted into hysteria.

My husband has this old shirt that he wears constantly, I have been bugging him to throw it out as it had started to tear. He ignored me and continued to wear the dear old thing, until this afternoon when I noticed the back of it had lots of little holes, the fabric was falling apart. So I mentioned it to him and said if he pulled on it the whole thing would probably fall apart. Cue incredible hulk impression and, for an adult, what was quite an amusing display of ripping his shirt off. The kids looked to me for my reaction so I made a big show of laughing as their dad’s face was still contorted and in character. They laughed along nervously and with hesitation. Once he took the shirt off and came out of character Cuddles started to cry, “I don’t want your shirt to be ripped” he was beside himself in tears. Then Littlest Bean started too. It quickly erupted into out of control tired sobbing from both of them despite hugs and reassurance from both of us. I remembered the emergency happy formula, 2 kids on sofa + 1 YouTube Funny Cats video, it works every time. So G put YouTube on the TIVO and within one second both kids went from howling sobs to raucous laughter, like we had flicked a magic switch. They almost laughed a little too raucously and G seemed to enjoy ripping his shirt off and being The Incredible Hulk a little too much. They’ve all calmed down now though, we’re back from the brink of insanity for the time being.

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