15 May 2011

"I'm Not Going to Hurt You."

We have a cat, her name is Olive. Here she is:
Olive is a sweet little thing most of the time when she isn't going mental out of the blue and biting your ankles.

The kids love Olive dearly, in fact their passionate affection for her can sometimes be a little too much to bear. She avoids Cuddles, who is 3, almost entirely, but she has a lot more patience and trust when it comes to Littlest Bean who knows, most of the time, how to be gentle.

One morning very early I heard this exchange between Littlest Bean and Olive the Cat:

LB: Ollie, Ollie come here Ollie...
OtC: [silence]
LB: Ollieeeeeeee, Ollieeeee, come here, come here Ollie darling, I won't hurt youuuuu
OtC: [more silence]
LB: Ollie, Ollie, come here baby, I won't hurt you...
LB: Oh sorry Ollie I hurt you

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