28 June 2011

Secret Project

Coming soon my latest project, because I can never not be coming up with something...BUNTING!

That's right. I'll make you some, it's gorgeous. Adds a little je ne sais quoi to any room :)

I have made some for Littlest Bean for her room. She has a relatively new obsession with Harry Potter, especially the character Hermione Granger. She decided to graduate from her pink and purple girly room to a wizard room. My friend recently came home from a trip to Singapore and gave me yards or beautiful sari silk so I have used a small portion of it to make very "wizardy" bunting for the wizard room. The silk was actually pretty difficult to work with but it's so soft and pretty.

OK so here's the wizard bunting. This isn't really the style of what I intend to make more of. I just had the tassels in my cupboard so used what I had.


  1. We won't believe you until we see photos, Chloe..

  2. OK, i added a photo :)
    It's not all that representative of what I am going to make more of, I need to go and buy some fabric.