16 June 2011

June Gloom, May Gray and a Rainy Day

Today is a gray drizzly day in Southern California. This is not too unusual for June as we have what is called June gloom. Unfortunately there is also such a thing as May gray so by July we are really ready to have our sunshine back. We usually visit family in the UK that time of year and get rain for two weeks. Rain in the UK is good because it makes leaving easier!

This afternoon I am heading to Littlest Bean's school for a parent conference. Rather than being spoken to by her teacher it is Littlest Bean who has prepared a presentation for me. She is pretty excited, as am I, apparently I get a snack! I just have to get past the Spanish tutor first though as she has after school Spanish and I both forgot to have her do her Spanish homework and forgot to pack her Spanish folder in her backpack. Mummy had a girls night out last night, what can I say. I think we all turned onto summer break mode about a week ago even though they have a full week to go yet. Even her kindergarten teacher has stopped bothering to send them home with homework, which is just fine by both me and Littlest Bean. One of the last efforts to be made this school year is to put together an outfit for her mime she will be performing next week at the school talent show. I am very excited for her, I don't know where the idea came from but I am over the moon that she chose to do something so original, and she's really very funny. I need to find a stripy black and white top and a black beret. Black ballet shoes would be pretty awesome too. We have black leggings already, several pairs. Let me know if you have any cool suggestions for the outfit.

A couple of weeks ago they did a school-wide project called Living Museum where all the kids researched a historical character and dressed up as them and made a poster board with a head cut out. They positioned themselves all around the school and they all had a button you could press and then they gave you a speech about who they were. LB was Martha Graham, she dressed up in a long dark dramatic skirt and had her hair in a bun. Then last week we had the "Spring" (I think that term is debatable) Concert. It was beautiful. LB's class sang Stand By Me and Tarantella. It is really moving listening to a group of young children singing.

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