04 March 2011

Join The Club

My daughter is in kindergarten. Apparently the cool thing to do now is to create and join as many clubs as possible.

Almost every evening when I clear out my daughters backpack to prepare for the next day I find a new sign up sheet or a new heart shaped piece of paper representing my daughter’s membership to a newly formed organization. My favorites are the sign up sheets where my child or another has tried to draw a nice neat chart and all her friends have signed their names in their own adorable handwriting. Sometimes there are even a couple of teachers signed up.

My daughter has co-created the “BFF Klob”, joined the “Hearts Klob”, the “Girls Klob”, which I insisted should not be allowed to exclude boys who wanted to join, and was a member of a short-lived “klob” called the “Sneak Gurls” which was disbanded because the other kids didn’t like being spied on which was the group’s M.O.

The backpack is getting fuller and fuller as I am careful not to remove any of the  sign up sheets or membership cards incase she vitally needs to have them that day. I know too well what sticklers kids this age are for rules!

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