29 March 2011

Girl-boys and Boy-girls

My daughter says if a man has long hair he is a girl-boy. I told her it’s probably best not to call him that. She says there are boy-girls too, girls with short hair. It seems fairly typical to me for a 5 year old to have such traditional views. I try to explain that people don’t have to follow those stereotypes.  My daughter also says that “Gourdita” means “ladybug” in Spanish and that she is 10 feet tall…

My daughter would really rather her brother was a girl. She loves nothing better than to dress him up in her fanciest clothes, she either adds an “a” to the end of his name or sometimes he is Snow White. When he is dressed as a girl she is so much nicer to him and gives him so much love and attention and he in return speaks in a higher pitched voice than usual (if that’s possible) and is much better behaved.

He always gets tired of dressing in girl’s clothes after about 30 minutes and then desperately wants to get his “boy clothes” back on. Last night he slept in my daughters Sponge Bob pajamas (really not terribly feminine) but then barreled into our room this morning in a frenzy desperately wanting to change into his boy pajamas. I think my poor boy is afraid if he stays dressed as a girl for too long he will turn into one.

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  1. Say, have you asked Seren how short hair should be for girls to turn into girl-boy ? Because thinking of it, I think I might just be one :) And how long for the boys ? Because I might be raising a boy-girl too... we are a very srange family...