16 November 2011

Boys Room Project

My son is obsessed with superheroes, not one in particular but all of them. I'm becoming quite the authority on superheroes and super villains.

One a recent trip to Jo-ann he found this fabric he really liked, for obvious reasons, so I made him some bunting, a pillow case and a cushion cover for his bedroom. I though you might like to see the fruit of one of my current obsessions. I'm not a particularly talented seamstress but I tend not to let a thing like not knowing how to do something properly stop me.

Please excuse the quality of the photos, I used my cell phone camera and sometimes I just can't quite get it to focus :)


  1. Those flag banners are popping up every where I look these days! They're really cute and seem so easy to make!

  2. Thanks for the comment Alicia :) You're right they are easy and very quick with a machine. I use the quilt edging for the "string" and just cut 2 triangles, sew them together, turn them inside out, iron them and sew them on to the edging for every triangle. It takes less than an hour to make them now I have made a few.