03 July 2011

Old Friends in New Surroundings

I just dropped my friend at the airport. A dear old friend from back home. It was so great to see her, it had been four years. For the first hour or two, we gradually got to know each other again, by the time the kids were in bed and I had made us a couple of frozen margaritas, we pretty much shared with each other a concentrated version of our lives for the past six years. Then I think we felt all caught up and like nothing had ever changed.

The weather was beautiful and we spent the weekend playing in the garden, eating frozen yogurt, picnicking in the park and strolling on the pier. Luckily she has a nephew and niece the same age as LB and Cuddles so she was prepared for the hyperactivity of a weekend with an excited 5 and 3 year old. Sometimes people are overwhelmed when they experience how tiring it can be when you are not used to it, but she took it very much in her stride.

It went by ever so quick, the kids are missing her already, my son even deigned to remember her name now that she is gone instead of insisting on calling her "mummy's friend". It was great to have the company too as G is still in the depths of his big work project and not home for entire holiday weekend.

I am exhausted. :)

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