28 February 2011

Potty Mouth

Now here’s something I have yet to learn how to deal with: my kids are obsessed with poo, pee, toilets, underpants and anything related. They think the word “poop” alone is one of most hilarious things you can say or hear. My three year old can be waiting in an elevator with a stranger or in line at the market and he will yell “POOP” at the top of his lungs. Now whilst I don’t think any great harm is being done, it’s getting very old.

Yesterday at soccer class my three year-old son pulled down his underpants and gave all eight little girls in the class a full frontal flash. I managed to sprint over and cover him up before his coach turned around.  It was hard to discipline him as we were all laughing so much. I overheard his older sister telling him to “do it again”.  Somehow it always seems to be MY kids yelling poop or spontaneously removing their clothes, please don’t judge.

I’ll finish with a poem my daughter wrote recently…

I wrote an article on potty training if you are looking for tips.

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